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FDA Certified Disposable Speculums

After a consultation that includes your medical and bowel history, your session begins in a sanitary and comfortable therapy room. Your privacy and modesty are of the utmost importance. All of our gowns and drapes are disposable.

A small speculum (the size of a pencil) is inserted into the rectum. Safe gravity fed warm, filtered, temperature controlled water is very slowly introduced into the colon. There is a constant filling and emptying of the colon with the water. The fecal matter becomes soft and your own peristalsis (muscle action) moves the waste out.

The client will assist in the process via natural peristalsis. You can expect no odor, no fumes, or no blow-outs.

There is a view tube for observation. The therapist will help you with the massage techniques you can use on your abdomen. The session lasts approximately 40 to 45 minutes. When the session ends, you release any remaining water and waste, then go about your day as usual. A session is a comfortable experience for most people.

Modern state-of-the-art colon hydrotherapy units employ multi-stage water purification systems. After each session, the unit is thoroughly cleansed and disinfected in preparation for future use.

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